13 Apr 2016

Why Your Company Should Focus on Branding

Everyone talks about the importance of branding your company, but many do not spend time providing a thorough explanation of what branding truly is. Some may assume that it simply means coming up with the basic principles of your brand such as demographic, business model, etc. This is not quite true, however, as these things are subject to change. True branding should involve coming up with principles that are not subject to change. When you “brand” your company, you have to set a few things in stone.

Your logo is one of the most obvious branding tools you have at your disposal. Sure, your logo may be subject to change as well, but even your new logo should maintain a similar feel. Simply look at the backlash some major companies such as Pepsi have gotten when they have changed their logo in the past. Some companies receive backlash because consumers feel as if their logo has become sterile. This should say something to you about how important it is for your branding to show character. You want to establish an aesthetic sense that can be carried over into every aspect of your business, especially your marketing campaigns.

This does not mean that you are completely stuck with your choices. Just because you pick a certain colour scheme does not mean you can never use other colours. The same goes with fonts and basic layouts. Still, it is important to make sure that you don’t make so many changes that your brand becomes unrecognisable. You also want to make sure that your branding fits your company. If you are creating a banking service, then you would not want the same fonts and colours seen in titles for action films. If you are selling sporting goods, then you do not want a gothic font or big bubble letters that look suitable for a toy company.

There are a few aspects of branding that you must consider. The most obvious are your company name and logo. Then, you have colour schemes and the overall look and feel of your brand (which is also called “positioning”). Factor into aesthetic qualities the need to have packing that suits your company. You also need to pay attention to your brand’s sound, such as your slogan and any copy you might have on your website. Finally, you need to think about the overall experience that customers and clients will have when working with your company.

All of these aspects combine to form your company’s branding. You cannot rely on just one of these aspects alone, even if you have done a particularly good job on it. Keep in mind that branding is not just about your company’s appearance. It is also about how using your company reflects upon your customer. They want to feel as if they have done something good for themselves by using your company.

Advantages of Quality Branding

There are a number of reasons that making the proper impression on your customers can be good for you. Good branding will give your company a sense of purpose and will help to establish the overall theme of your company. There are also a few more major benefits to be taken into account.

First of all, good branding makes your company more memorable. If your logo, company name, and other aspects of branding do not stand out from competitive brands, then it will be harder to generate repeat business. You want people to remember your company from the first time they hear of it, even before they have used your services. Customers will associate a memorable name and a keenly designed brand with quality products; therefore, increasing your image will also increase sales. This is important to gain an edge over your competitors.

As stated above, repeat business is important. When branding is done properly, it will be easier for customers to form a relationship with your business. If your company feels sterile and devoid of personality, then you cannot expect customers to be as loyal. This connection between your business and its customers is good for more than just repeat business. As people gain more respect for your company, you will also get referrals. This can increase your business at a fairly consistent rate. This will help your business to become more well-known. Combine this word-of-mouth marketing will actual marketing implements such as billboards and other advertisements, and you will establish an identity that appeals to a wide range of consumers.

Once people are aware of your company, all you need to do is continue marketing your products and services. It will take some time to get to this point, but the payoff is worth the work that you will put into establishing a brand. As your identity grows, marketing will take less and less effort over time.

Branding Your Website

Keep in mind that you are not just branding on paper and in person. You also need to keep in mind your website and any other online marketing you may use. There are a number of online companies, so you don’t want your website to look like a rip-off of anyone else’s brand. Given the number of people who find products and services online, some might argue this is almost even more important than the branding you put into your packaging and other materials.

There are a number of things that must come together to create a well-branded website. Your site has to function well, with quick load times and an easily navigated layout. Your website’s copy must be well-written and appealing to consumers. Your page’s overall design must be appealing as well. In general, you want it to be sleek while still offering a great deal of information and multimedia. You can increase your branding by offering unique videos to advertise your products or services. These videos will help people to get a better sense of your company and the people who run it.

The quality of your online branding can be significant in deciding the size and strength of your customer base. It is even easier to exit out of a website than it is to walk out of a store, so you do not want your potential customers to be bored with anything you have on offer. You, therefore, need to relay information quickly and efficiently to keep your site visitors on board.

Brand Marketing

Even if you have a company that has not taken effective branding into account, you can begin to rectify this error as soon as you start any big marketing campaign. This is where you will be able to do a number of things that may have been ignored in the past.

The biggest message that your marketing should convey is the uniqueness of your brand. If you manage to create a marketing campaign that is unlike any people have seen in the past, then you will be able to demonstrate the creativity of your business. Make sure that you are not just ripping off a creative campaign devised by someone else, as this sort of thing can get you into trouble.

Since your company’s branding is often set in stone, this is a chance for you to make your company appear a little bit more stable. You cannot put too much focus on branding your company in a way that will inform future marketing campaigns. If you are fortunate enough to be branding your company before you have released any marketing, then you will want to ensure stability before a single person sees your marketing or merchandise. Even if your company is pre-existing, then try to incorporate your new branding techniques into everything you do. Your business cards, flyers, website, packing, and everything else you can imagine should all support the same branding techniques.

You can also promote your brand through special sales and giveaways. Just about nobody will turn away a free offer. This gives consumers a chance to see your brand in action, which will help to disseminate your company’s image to those who might not have otherwise been exposed to it.

In Summation

Branding is more than a spiffy logo or a catchy slogan. It is a method of gaining respect and recognition. It is a way of symbolising your company in everything you produce. Think of it like a flag. A flag is more than an appealing design. It is a representation of everything for which a nation stands. This is what branding should be for your company. This means that you must give a great deal of thought to what is being represented, not just how to represent it. Identifying your company in this way is the best thing you can do for business.

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